An MBA typically represents 36 US credits (or 60 ECTS in the European system) of graduate coursework.

Most institutions present their tuition on a per credit basis, for instance Alliant lists $850 per credit, which means that on a credit basis alone (excluding any other fees), the cost of this MBA would beĀ 36 x $850 = $30,600.

Clearly, such MBA programs require a significant amount of student debt and may take years of professional advancement to result in a full return on investment.

At EUCLID, our status as a public, non-profit and intergovernmental institution allows us to offer a tuition rate of $145 per credit. Taking into account the $850 initial admission, the total cost of a EUCLID MBA is $6,070, with payments spread over the duration of the program (14-28 months.)

Graphics below: total MBA tuition as 5 well-known US institutions