Choosing a EUCLID MBA requires reflecting on four critical aspects of the decision:

(1) Why choose the distance / online learning approach as opposed to the on-campus approach (which clearly has its advantages)?

(2) Why choose an MBA at all, and in this case a specialized MBA in EUCLID’s fields of specialization?

(3) Why choose EUCLID which is unique for being an intergovernmental treaty-based organization with a focus on the Global South and Sustainability?

The overarching issue, however, is to take time to reflect on who are as person and where you want to be 5 and 10 years from now. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your passions and drivers? What is your geographical goal (if any)?

Anyone choosing a EUCLID MBA must have done this self-examination and must be ready to discuss it during the admissions interview. Applicants are expected to understand EUCLID’s mandate and work as an intergovernmental organization and how the MBA programs fit in EUCLID’s big picture.

Our MBAs are delivered in asynchronous, self-paced, distance-learning mode. This means that our applicants and students must have strong work ethics and consistent motivation to learn and deliver on schedule. Individual study is very powerful because of the amount of information and knowledge that can be taken in a structured and documented way.

A EUCLID program is for those who are not afraid to tackle two or three 300-page textbooks on international organizations for example. Fast reading, interest for the subject matter, and a desire to be the expert in the room are traits that distinguish the successful EUCLID candidate and student.

This approach is especially compelling for experienced professionals in their 30s and 40s who are unwilling and unable to spend one or two years on campus, and who wish to maximize their knowledge intake per hour ratio.

Spending a year in London or San Francisco studying with a diverse group of students is certainly a rewarding experience, but it is not EUCLID’s mandate or philosophy, and in our view, it eliminates certain areas of specialization (finance for instance) that require a specific type of classroom environment.

We expect our applicants to do their homework and approach EUCLID not only because it is incredibly affordable and flexible, or because it is the only Global Intergovernmental MBA in the world, or because they do not want a US or Eurocentric education but rather a truly globalized perspective.

At EUCLID, there is a zero dollar advertising budget. No ‘paid for by percentage’ recruiter will chase you or offer scholarship incentives. We expect our applicants to pursue us, to pursue excellence, and EUCLID in returns pledges to synergize to achieve an amazing transformation that will equip you to face any challenges and stand on a par with the best.

A video overview of 11 reasons to consider EUCLID for graduate studies, all of which apply to the MBA programs as well as to all other EUCLID programs.

In a world of “.edu” (or even “.org”) MBAs and institutions, EUCLID stands out with its distinctive “.int” domain. Learn more about the most exclusive and restricted top-level domain in the world.