What kind of MBA alumni network are you building?

It has been said that the greatest benefit of (physically) attending prestigious institutions is not so much the quality of learning as the last impact of belonging to a close-knit and successful group of alumni. There is a fair amount of truth in this remark, although this situation was a lot more true in the past – say 25 years ago – than it is now. Still, alumni quality and commitment to the alma mater should remain important considerations, including when it comes to choosing an online MBA.

Here, EUCLID is known for building a strong link between its alumni and also with itself, albeit for somewhat different reasons:

  • because EUCLID students are proud of EUCLID’s unique intergovernmental status
  • because EUCLID students know that other alumni have gone through the same rigorous process
  • because EUCLID students have developed a strong bond with their professors and facilitators
  • because EUCLID graduates know that among their peers are and will be ambassadors, senior diplomats and even government ministers.

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