What kind of MBA alumni network are you building?

It has been said that the greatest benefit of (physically) attending prestigious institutions is not so much the quality of learning as the last impact of belonging to a close-knit and successful group of alumni. There is a fair amount of truth in this remark, although this situation was a lot more true in the […]

Logo and Brand Identity

LOGO CONCEPT The lines in the design are realized in a way that gives the impression of a clear upward direction. Thus, the design conveys a positive development from a solid base across several levels upwards In addition, the logo gives the impression of a network, of connecting elements. “The whole is greater than the […]

Are MBA too expensive interview (USA)?

An interview with Graduate Management Admission Council’s David Wilson ( Sourcing: poetsandquants.com ) David Wilson, president and CEO of the Graduate Management Admission Council (the organization that manages the GMAT test) is one of management education’s staunchest allies, but he cautions MBA hopefuls that the degree is a sobering investment that needs to be analyzed as rigorously as […]